Make-up Trends Of 2014

Every mademoiselle knows that makeup is involved in fashion games just like clothing and footwear. The proper application of makeup allows emphasizing the natural beauty and makes some appearance imperfections less visible. To complete the image it is absolutely important to complement the fashionable outfit with a stylish make-up. So let’s find out the trendy summer colours of 2014.

It is no secret that makeup looks better on a healthy and well-groomed face. Make use of the nourishing and moisturizing creams regularly, pamper your with skin scrubs and masks and as well as the use of protective make-up foundation. This year dictates the tendencies with sweeping natural brows, bright eye makeup, full lip colors, tan and aristocratic pallor. It may seem they are conflicting with each other, but actually, it’s all about a neoteric synergy.

Bright and juicy shades are at the peak of popularity again. Makeup artists are advised to use shades of ripe berries and fruit colours (strawberry, plum and peach ones). The palette is applicable for both lipsticks and eyeshadows. Natural brown, soft and warm tones are also in fashion; thus, you may want to learn how to make smooth transitions from mild to moderate and flashy colors.

The aspiration for naturalness and genuineness remains in vogue. Perhaps natural makeup does not lose relevance because it subtly emphasizes the natural beauty, maintaining the maximum natural look. The younger audience should pay close attention to natural make-up especially, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that middle-aged and older women should give up the idea of nude style make up.

Whether you are looking to create a magnificent make-up that perfectly goes with your image, contact a makeup artist Manchester agency: a professional team of stylists will pick up the perfect option for you, be it a casual make-up or wedding makeup Manchester.


Basic Parameters Of Flange Fasteners Described


The article is dedicated to technical characteristics of flange fasteners; the set of characteristics focused on is applicable to both standard and bespoke flanges.

Operating pressure

Operating pressure stands for the pressure under which the fluids (gas, vapor, etc.) are transported. Therefore, the higher system operating pressure is, the higher strength characteristics should be. In turn, the required strength characteristics are provided by the correct choice of fastener material, thermal treatment and etc. Thus, in the temperature range from -40 to + 400 ° C at a pressure of 100 kgf/cm2 it is recommended to make use of fasteners made ​​from c35 steel type, while increasing the pressure up to 200 kgf/cm2 requires the use of fasteners made ​​of steel 20X13.

Operating temperature

Operating temperature is another crucial flanges parameter. Basing on the temperature of the medium, defined by the type of transportation as well as the external environment, the steel type is selected. Each steel grade has a certain temperature range in which a fastener can provide robust and reliable connection.

For example, at the same nominal pressure at a temperature not lower than -30 ° C it is recommended to use of c35 steel studs, while at the intended operating temperature of -70 ° C making the choice in favor of cold-resistant steel fasteners is a more reasonable option.

Operating environment

There are two main characteristics of the working environment to point out: temperature and chemical properties (aggressive or non-aggressive composition). In accordance with the above indicators flanged fasteners should be selected. For aggressive media the hardware that can withstand the devastating impact of the negative environment is selected.

Pipe diameter

All the threaded fasteners feature internal (nuts) and external (studs and bolts) thread diameter. Depending on the purpose and specifications under which the products are manufactured, the thread can be metric and imperial.


Ventilation Systems Norms For Car Parking Lots


As in any other ventilation system of forced or mechanical ventilation type, car park ventilation systems can be distinguished in two main subgroups depending on the amount of incoming and exhaust volume of air:

  • Exhaust air flow (usually not less than 100 cubic meters per hour)
  • Ventilation rate (for enclosed parking equal to two)

When calculating the ventilation capacity the height of the ceilings is needed to be taken into account. High ceiling increases the volume of air passing through the room in several times, facilitating the work of ventilation dramatically. An acceptable ceiling height for the effective functioning of the car park ventilation is considered to be two meters. Simply put, the greater the height of the ceiling, the less resource the ventilation system would be needed for proper area maintenance.

The ventilation rate norms are very dependent on the type of car parking lot. For example, if a covered public parking is located in a busy place, e.g. in some shopping mall with lots of moving vehicles, the busiest hours will demand increasing ventilation coefficient up to 1.5-2.

Parking ventilation installation services

To ensure accurate calculation it is necessary to develop a detailed parking ventilation project, developed thoroughly with all the factors that directly or indirectly affect the performance and reliability of the ventilation system taken into consideration. An experienced company will certainly offer the services of qualified builders and designers, performing the full range of development and implementation works of any complexity in concordance with adopted standards.

When calculating car ventilation capacities the service provide must pick up the equipment of particular power and performance, enough to remove all the toxic, explosive and flammable gases, materials and emissions associated with the operation of the car park from the premises of.


Glass Reinforced Concrete: Pushing Pipelaying To The Next Level

Digitized Stone

In civil engineering glass reinforced concrete is, perhaps, the most reliable material demonstrating unparalleled strength. Glass reinforced concrete (or GRC) is easily molded, providing a wide selection of forms for products of complex configuration. The material finds application in the construction of highways, water supply channels, reservoirs, sinking shafts and tunnels. Mentioned below is the breakdown of the core GRC advantages:

  • Ability to make light thin-walled products
  • Ability to implement a wide selection of spatial forms and profiles
  • High flexural strength
  • Impressive adhesion to concrete
  • Water resistance
  • incombustibility; environmental safety and ease of use on the construction site;
  • resistance to cracking due to the high tensile properties

GRC also offers high chemical resistance as well as resistance to saline solutions, which is priceless in the environments with a high degree of pollution. In addition, GRC comes with decent acoustic properties, plus it resists corrosion and decomposition.

Since 70s, glass reinforced concrete has been added to the armory of thousands of manufacturers for production of large-diameter pipes of single design, thus providing reinforcement using chopped fibers, continuous filaments and alkali-resistant fiberglass.

Thin walls of these pipes and lack of flare connections minimize dredging and backfilling, thereby laying drainage pipes is carried out with significant cost savings. GRC pipes are often laid under large highways with large flows, which indicates their durability and operational strength (due to the use of alkali-resistant glass fiber as a reinforcing element).


Leeds Football Club: The Devotion


One of the nicknames of the club, the Peacocks , says much about the traditions and history of the club. Thus, Elland Road was built in vicinity of the Old Peacock restaurant, which was truly a legendary institution. In principle, the football pub phenomenon partly takes its roots from Leeds. Despite a rich selection of pubs in the city, the tradition to drop in at a legendary spot before and after home matches didn’t sank into oblivion.

It is worth noting that Sir Alex Ferguson once openly declared that Elland Road has perhaps the most poignant atmosphere in European football, and Peter Reid, Leeds coach, before his dismissal stated he never experienced the atmosphere similar to the one that prevails in Leeds in a 30- year career. In fact, such statements are countless, which indicates the special position of the club is special in the British fan culture. Therefore, if you appreciate the game number 1 in the world, you should certainly consider Leeds hotels nearby the stadium; fortunately, a variety of Leeds hotels provides dozens of budgetary and exclusive options.

Returning to the special status, the fact should be underlined it that the form of community is atypical, standing out from the crowd with extrinsic regional affiliation. Leeds fans identify with Yorkshire tightly, which is a challenge for other clubs based in the region – Sheffield Hull City.

One of the most popular songs among those performed by the fans, is ‘Glory Glory Leeds United’, recorded in 1968 by Ronnie Hilton. In addition, some of the popular songs were recorded directly by the players: thus, ‘Marching On Together’ was recorded in 1972. Its chorus is probably the most memorable charge regularly performed on Elland Road.


Scrap Metal From Within: The Role Of Aluminium


Aluminium production growth leads to two/three-fold increase of secondary resources due to the growth of waste materials processing and extensive use of alloys in everyday life. Currently, aluminium equals 20% of total production volume with packaging, wires, chips and obsolete equipment, ferruginous aluminium spinels, mountain clay wastes, ash, slags and etc. as key resources.

The basic process of aluminium scrap recycling is melting in the horizontal furnace with input of scrap directly into the melt and dipping it with squeeze rolls to avoid per oxidation. However, the problem lies not only in oxidation issue – scrap metal is characterised by complex, diverse and unstable structure. Apart from the usual components aluminium alloys may contain significant amounts of nickel, chromium, calcium and titanium. Sometimes it also contains non-metals: phosphorus, sulfur, arsenic, and antimony. All this calls for a distribution procedure (manual, mechanical, magnetic and electrodynamic). These operations not only enable a scrap metal dealer to increase the amount of aluminium scrap from 70 to 99%, but also remove impurities that interfere with its subsequent processing and reduce the quality of recycled metal.

It should be also noted that pure aluminium materials are used only for electrical purposes, the remainder aluminium scrap is comprised of alloys or a mechanical coupling with more or less iron content. Therefore, the main problem of recycling of aluminium lies in the separation of ferrous alloys (a considerable part of them is separated during melting).

The process of refining aluminium is divided into two stages. The first one implies melting the scrap on the surface of the artificial heavy melt (e.g. nickel sulfide, with a density of 5.5 kg/dm3 and melting point 8000 °C). The melt is then poured into a converter for oxygen blowing and removal of non-metals with adding slag formers scavengers (Mg, B, Si) for recovery of residual Al2O3.


Being A Geophysicist: The Nuances Of The Profession


Apart from particular interest in geophysics and geography a professional geophysicist is expected to be proficient in math, as the profession implies conducting lots of calculations. Analytical and spatial thinking are also crucial when processing huge volumes of data retrieved from measurements and explorations with no regard whether a geophysicist works for a borehole drilling or seismic enterprise. In addition, a true specialist is needed to be extremely attentive to the tiny details, as details mean much in geophysics.

Since the measurements and exploration missions are oftentimes carried out in distant areas characterized by tough weather conditions, a geophysicist must be well-trained and physically healthy; plus the specialist should be able to work in a team and accept criticism adequately.

The area of responsibility

A geophysicist typically conducts researches on the composition of the crustal structure, studies the history of its development and investigates the occurrence and chemical composition of rocks. Such specialists explore the geographic distribution, composition and properties of surface water, groundwater and glaciers, and works on improvement of the methods. Geophysicists produce maps revealing the magnetic fields, used for navigation purposes in the exploration of minerals. Frankly speaking, the responsibilities include much planning and analysis. Once the deposit is discovered, a geophysicist evaluates its reserves, carries out the development plan, paying special attention to the potential environment pollution issues.

Career prospects

The newly minted geophysicist usually starts as a technician performing certain types of measurements. These specialists are typically hired by research and development organizations, geological establishments and oil companies. The career ladder involves promotion to senior geophysicist status or department lead.


A Wedding Dress For Pregnant


Marriage is, perhaps, the most important thing in the life of every woman. This day demands looking awesome, so picking up an absolutely individual style and emphasizing your very special status is a top priority of a bride.

The success of the whole ceremony depends on how the bride feels in her wedding dress: to meet any style requirements couturiers offer myriads of options, sewn from delicate lace, silk, satin and other exclusive fabrics. Frankly speaking, the market offers a broad variety of wedding dress models that give the necessary shape and make a bride look gorgeous. A nice slender figure is typically achieved through a range of clever design solutions, applied during tailoring.

Hope you don’t lose your heart and don’t think that choosing a super-star wedding dress for pregnant is a mission impossible. Not only you can purchase stunning wedding attire, but also find a dress that meets your budget requirements perfectly. Maternity wedding dresses are designed to hide a tummy and never reveal your secret, making the bride look charming and unique. No worries, as nicely tailored maternity wedding dresses neither squeeze the belly, nor embarrass the bride during the ceremony. Be sure that the celebrations will be held without any issues associated with the fact that you will have to deal with a heavy construct or your movability will be restricted.

For example, pregnant women are typically recommended to pay close attention to wedding dresses of Empire style, with detachable top and raised waist, easy and flowing bottom. Purchasing a lovely dress that suits you perfectly is just a matter diligent and accurate choice – avoid rushing and taking hasty decisions when selecting a wedding dress.